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Filmapalooza is next week! Follow along at #48Filma.Friday, February 28, 2020


In just a matter of days, hundreds of filmmakers, producers, cast, and crew will make their way to Rotterdam for the 48HFP's global festival and competition, Filmapalooza. Not able to join us this year? You can still follow along throughout the week by searching for hashtag #48Filma on your favorite social media channel.

Filmapalooza will take place March 3rd - 7th, with over 350 attendees from 90 cities around the world expected to come in for the event, with more than 100 additional local attendees at a series of special public Filmapalooza screenings. This year's event features screenings of the 115 Best Film winners from each city in our 2019 tour, a screening of the top films from last year's 48HFP genre film competitions, and a screening of a selection of the top films from this year's World Film Challenge. In addition, attendees have their choice of 12 different workshops on topics ranging from getting your film into festivals, directing the stars, and how to film a love scene. This year's Filmapalooza also features another special event new for this year--a table reading of the winning screenplay from last year's inaugural 48HFP Feature Script Project!

This year's Filmapalooza is jam packed with screenings, workshops, and parties galore. You can get a taste of what's happening by searching your favorite social media networks for hashtag #48Filma--attendees will be posting updates throughout the event...just don't be jealous! :)

This year's attendees range from complete Filmapalooza newbies (this is their first time attending) to old pros that have been to ten or more Filmapaloozas. We asked the first-timers what they were most looking forward to:

Trey H. (Austin, Team Ten House Productions) This will be our first and we are super excited. Team Ten House Productions here from Austin, TX with our film "6:15". I'm really looking forward to it all.... especially the events on the boat! All aboard!

Margriet W. (Utrecht, 4HFP City Producer) First Time Producer from 48HFP Utrecht. The Nederlands and Filmapalooza workshops and goody bag. Lets have fun en enjoy the live filmschool!

Tim D. (Los Angeles, All Coast Pictures - Actor/Team Leader) 1st time! I’ve never even been out of the country before so I’m excited to see this side of the world as well as to see all the other films/filmmakers.

Then we asked some of our more frequent Filmapalooza attendees if they could offer any advice to the new folks attending:

Luuk K. (Rotterdam, Filmmaker) This will be my fourth time (New Orleans, Atlanta, Seattle and now Rotterdam). And I’m entering with 2 films (Rotterdam and Eindhoven).
About the festival, make sure you make new friends and keep in contact with everybody!I met 2 american actors a few years back through filmapalooza and we stayed in touch. Last year they came over to play in our 48 hour of Rotterdam! Amazing experience all because of Filmapalooza.

Yoan F. (Lausanne, Team Leader) This will be my second Filma, my first was Paris. My advice is : Don't party too hard or you'll miss the morning sessions.

Alyne H. (Austin, 48HFP City Producer) This will be my SEVENTH Filma! I can hardly believe it! My first was New Orleans and I’ve been going every year since. I’m the CP from Austin, Texas. My best advice is to give yourself plenty of time to hang out with your new friends, whether via sight-seeing or dinners. That’s why I like to stay a few days after Filma. Also, don’t pass up a chance to party with the French, dance with the Latinos, or join an international mosh pit whenever you hear “Bohemian Rhapsody!”

Tex M. (Nijmegen, Actor) My first one was Paris 2018 (actor in "Huisje Boompje Beestje", Nijmegen, NL), my second was Orlando 2019 (director of "Boetekleed"/team leader of Monkey Meets Tiger, Eindhoven, NL). This year I will join you in Rotterdam for some workshops and the party on Friday.
My advice: Suck in the whole experience of being in a part of the world you've never been to, make aquaintences or maybe even new friendships, do some sightseeing in (and outside, if time permits) Rotterdam and:

Hans G. (Rotterdam, 48HFP City Producer and Filmapalooza 2020 Producer) This will be my fourth Filmapalooza and the first one as host City Producer. My advice is to take a good look at the workshop program, we have a lot of fun and interesting subjects. Make sure to meet new people and learn from different cultures. It's really special to be a family member of such an international crowd from over the globe!

As you can imagine, people are very excited about next week's Filmapalooza, and we are excited to kick off another amazing event. Don't forget to follow along on your favorite social media channel by searching for the #48Filma hashtag, or use this link to search multiple networks at once!

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