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Rizzle Reformat--Share Your Story In Another DimensionThursday, November 19, 2020



The 48 Hour Film Project has partnered with Rizzle, a 60-second short video app for mini-web series.


Rizzle has more than 11 million users and is in the process of expanding Rizzle Studios. Rizzle is seeking fresh content and they have come to the 48. Now we are reaching out to you for this exciting new challenge.


For the 48 Rizzle Reformat, we are challenging you to reformat your existing 48 Hour film to play on the Rizzle app. You must reformat your film to meet these basic requirements:


  • Vertical video only (Fullscreen)
  • 5-10 episodes
  • Episode length must be between :15 seconds and :60 seconds
  • G, PG, or PG-13 Rating

Bonus: You can use footage that did not make it into the version you submitted to the 48HFP. You can even shoot additional footage if you wish.


There are many challenges when it comes to repurposing your existing footage, so we put together a list of Best Practices to help you out. See below:

Make sure first thing to reset your timeline frame size to 1080x1920

  • Resize your video to fill the screen vertically if it is smaller than 4k. 4k video is 3840x2160, so it will fill the vertical space at 100% scale. Anything smaller will need to be scaled up to fill the frame. Do this at the very beginning to ensure conformity throughout the edit.
  • Go through the video several times to locate good episode break points. Most episodes will be between 40-50 seconds in length. 
  • Think of breaking the video up as if it were a 50s television Western Cliffhanger.
  • Think of wide and medium shots as a source for closeups since wide shots don't survive the upscaling to the vertical format.
  • Get comfortable with pan and scan. When there is a lot of camera movement, you will need to follow the camera movements to keep your subject center frame. Make sure your keyframing is set to "auto ease" to minimize jerky motion.
  • Use your original edit file if possible. While it is possible to create good edits from a final render, having access to the source project file will allow you to massage audio and video transitions between episodes with a great deal more finesse.
  • Set markers on your edit timeline to denote episode break points.
  • Get yourself mentally prepared to deal with some image degradation with older 720p and SD videos. 

The Early Deadline is tomorrow, November 20th, 2020. All entries received by then are eligible to win $500 in a random drawing. The regular deadline is December 15th, and we're handing out another $3000 in cash prizes to the top films.

It's FREE to participate in this exciting new challenge, so get all of the details you need to reformat your film right now at

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