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48HFP Filmmakers Head To CannesThursday, April 28, 2016

This May, more than 50 48HFP filmmakers will head to France to attend this year's Cannes Film Festival to see the screening of their winning 2015 48HFP film. This year's festival runs May 11th - 22nd. Our top 48HFP films will be screening as part of the Short Film Corner on May 18th. Get all of the details about this year's festival at

Attending Cannes Film Festival to see your own film screen there is perhaps one of the most prestigious honors one can experience as a filmmaker. For 48HFP filmmakers that have attended in the past, it has proved to be not only exhilarating and inspirational, but also a great way to find a connection with the global filmmaking community on an even higher level. One previous attendee said that Going to Cannes was like the best dream I did not even know I ever had. Cannes has also been a great way for 48HFP filmmakers to connect amid the hustle and bustle of red carpets, screenings, and parties happening all around. It's great that you already have something in common. A common ground to start from. An experience to talk about. Plus, a lot of us already knew each other. It's a safe group of amazing people to hang out with!

Whether you're there watching your film up on the big screen or you're there to see the hundreds of other great films, we hope all of our 48HFP filmmakers have an awesome time and make the most of their Cannes experience. We are proud to have you represent the 48 Hour Film Project at this amazing global filmmaking event!

Cannes Film Festival

Connect With Cannes Using #48HFPCannes

Just because you aren't headed to Cannes in person doesn't mean you can't experience it for yourself! We've asked our filmmakers to tweet and post their adventures in Cannes using the #48HFPCannes hashtag. Follow along on your favorite social media channels to see just how spectacular Cannes can be!

Best Of The 48HFP Screening At Cannes

Below is the list of 48HFP films screening at Cannes on May 18th as part of the Short Film Corner (alphabetical by film name):

Avril by Kromaphono, Columbia

Bait by Kibanda Pictures, Kenya

Have a Pleasant Holiday by Na kolene Production, Slovakia

Everyday Yeti by Paper Ghost Pictures, USA

Falling in Love in a Coffeeshop by Wax Iditiotical Films, USA

Gil by Super Bathing Attitude, USA

Glimp by Lucas Camps Producties, Netherlands

Gotta Go by The Magic Shop, USA

Le temps des adieux by Compose it Art, France

Les Témoins by RIP Prod, France

Ritus by Kokosnoten, Netherlands

Stephanie's Room by Atom Projections, Canada

Wake Up by Aja On Tour, USA

Werther; Django by DESIRE, Japan

Who Am I by NOBS, Netherlands

Watch all of these films online at

48HFP Cannes Selections

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