Nijmegen, Netherlands Dates To Be Determined

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are rescheduling the Nijmegen 48HFP from the original maart dates to later in the year. The exact dates are not yet determined.

The COVID-19 virus has affected events all around the globe and we face an unknown time frame for how long closures and quarantines will stay in effect. We have made a commitment to protect the health of our filmmakers and the general public by deciding to reschedule our events to help prevent any further outbreak of the virus.

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We love films and the people who make them, and our hope is to keep everyone safe and happy and making awesome 48-hour films throughout the year!

Durf jij de uitdaging aan te gaan?

Wanneer? Dates To Be Determined

De uitdaging? Een film maken in 48 uur!

Filmmakers uit Nijmegen en omgeving opgelet! Tijdens het weekend van Dates To Be Determined gaan filmmakers de strijd aan om binnen 48 uur de beste korte film te maken. De winnende film gaat richting de wereldfinale tijdens het Filmapalooza 2021 waar de winnaar voor beste 48 film ter wereld bekend wordt gemaakt. Daarnaast wordt er bepaald welke 48 films richting het Cannes Film Festival 2021 gaan. Zet de datum dus alvast in je agenda!

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