The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Philadelphia Project Now Part
of the Philadelphia Film Festival
April 8-10, 2005

Philadelphia Films and Awards!

The Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project was a rousing success! Just two days after a beautiful spring weekend of filmmaking, filmmakers packed the International House theater for the screening of their films. The range and creativity was amazing. There was a surreal/dada influence in some films with amazing scenery and costumes. We saw some strong horror films, a very unfortunate donut incident, a fight between ketchup and bar-b-que sauce, an omnivorous vacuum cleaner, and a hilarious take on a Dungeons and Dragons game. Two unfortunate teams drew the new wildcard genre * our hardest one ever * historical fiction! They came through with a film set in Nazi Germany, and another set in the break-dance-happy 80's.

After the screenings, filmmakers attended a wrap party at the Cabaret bar where they exchanged stories of their filming weekend. The judges deliberated on the spot, and at 2 in the morning, made their decisions. Scott Johnston and Liz Langston announced the winners on the spot to a surprisingly big crowd of partying film teams. Congratulations, Philadelphia!

  • Character: D. Ayers, activist
  • Prop: Umbrella
  • Line of Dialogue:
    I've never seen one of those.

2005 Philadelphia Winners

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Best Film:
The Peryton
Das Kluge Chimp Team

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Best Use of Prop
Nights of the Round Table
CW Syndicate

Best use of Dialogue Line
A Girl Walks Into a Bar
Sofa Kingdom Films

Best Use of Character:
A Taste of Love
Meatball Posse

Best Dire

Liens 48HFP


Photo by Ed Yakovich.



  • Accent Productions, Pete Freind
  • After School Specialists, Ken Ryzner
  • Citizen Wumpus, Terrance Ryan
  • CW Syndicate, Matthew Basile
  • Dark Sine Labs, Nina Marie Sciarrotta
  • Gamblers, Dana E. Sink
  • Happy Ending Ent., Reid Rosenthal
  • Mixed Nuts Productions, Michael A. Licisyn
  • No Light Stand in a Light Kit Team, Tamika Simpkins
  • Overjoyed Productions, Bill Fagley
  • Sirius Entertainment, Jason Comparetto
  • Sofa Kingdom Films, Anthony DeFrancesco
  • Stygian Hour Prods., Susan Gordon Clard
  • Team Zissou, Andrew Griffith
  • Uncut Productions, Jena Serbu


  • Altered Images, Willian Smyth
  • BYSS, David Corrigan
  • Chameleon , Krystal Smith
  • Das Kluge Chimp Team, Christine Risley
  • Dragonhawk Entertainment, Rob Coccagna
  • Failure, Simon Nagle
  • Just For the Love, Adrian Harrison
  • Meatball Posse, John Brach/PJ Bielavitz
  • OSBX, Joseph Hasenauer
  • Psynema, Gary Hanna
  • Renaissance Media Group, Nick Briscoe
  • Steelwool Studios, Justin Clerval
  • Team Dynasty, Brian Bennett
  • The CineMassacre Productions, James Rolfe
  • TO2, Tony Obfenda