"The Specialist" by Green Eggs & Cams Saint Louis, MO 48HFP 2017

A young woman held by a shadow government agency must summon the strength to discover who she really is.

Local Awards
  • Best Film 1st Place
  • Best Musical Score
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Najlepsza Aktorka Myasia Kisart

2020 Films

From the more than 5,000 film submissions, our panel of international judges has selected these films as the Best of 2020. Take a look and be inspired.

魂の場所 Osaka, JP 48HFP 2020

A Walk in the Park Scotland 48HFP 2020

LIMBO Bogota, CO 48HFP 2020

Dirty kitchen for beautiful cakes Cały Świat ANIMATION 2020

Chemical Bonds Atlanta, GA 48HFP 2020

Miserere Praga, CZ 48HFP 2020

Scriptum Indianapolis, IN 48HFP 2020

A Minha Vez Castelo Branco, PT 48HFP 2020

À VIDA! Lizbona, PT 48HFP 2020

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