Portland, Oregon June 16 - 18, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to RedFawn for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film Missing Indigenous will go on to represent Portland against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

Full Cycle by Vanity Rules

3rd Place: Best Film of 2017

Buzzkill by Breakthrough Films

Required Elements

  • Character: Brett Rivers, entomologist
  • Prop: Greeting Card (Get well card, Holiday Card)
  • Line: "Father knows best"

2017 Film List

  • "Case of the Doyle Owl by StarGalaxy501 Productions
  • A Bug's Wife by Cookie Jar Films
  • A Malaise Trap by One More Take
  • Avikalarya by Star Swipe Transition

    Agents Skyler and Blake are hot on the trail of a kidnapper in this Thriller Suspense!

  • Beacon by Dream Reality Films
  • Bedtime by Stormin' Norman

    When their child is home sick, two bickering parents must come up with a bedtime story

  • Biography Tonight by Sky Tiger Creative

    When Zoey meets Brett, Will their Hobbies allow them to maintain a healthy relationship?

  • Brother by JJ Media Productions
  • Bug Life by Team Travesty

    Don't test this bug lover

  • BUGGED OUT by Root2Fruit Productions

    A couple attends their bosses work party from hell.

  • Bugs from Hell! by Good Dog

    To save the planet, a man is forced to choose between his life's work and his fathers respect.

  • Buzzkill by Breakthrough Films

    In a post apocalyptic world, one entomologist embarks on a journey to save the world one bee at a time.

  • Doesn't Fall Too Far From TheTree by The Reflections
  • Erase / Rewind by Evil Petting Zoo

    A young man with the ability to rewind time learns a painful lesson

  • Feinstein and Schwartzenstern by Many Sparrows

    Two British detectives try to unravel the mysterious death of an entomologist found floating in a pond, and end up with more then they bargained for.

  • Frontman by Team Multipass

    A punk band in search of a new lead singer finds an unlikely audition to the audition line.

  • Full Cycle by Vanity Rules

    After an easily-tempered woman's bike is stolen she goes on a hunt to find it and make it in time for her tinder date.

  • Glorp Who's Coming To Dinner by French Toast Mafia

    Once upon a time a family is challenged when their daughter introduces them to her new boyfriend.

  • Graigslist Guy by Lil Smokies

    Don't judge a Graigslist guy by the quality of his weed.

  • I Am Not To Blame by MaRoZel

    The future is always musical, no matter what.

  • iClaudia by Stormin' De Castle

    What would you say to you?

  • Judy Bug by Columbia Apartment

    Judy Rivers, an entomology graduate student is hosting a party for her colleagues, but must accommodate the black sheep of the family who works at her dad's extermination company.

  • Lady of the Lake by Top Crust

    Entomologist, Brett Rivers, ventures into the forest to pursue a specimen. But what she finds is a specie she has never encountered.

  • Linerence by The Young and Pretentious

    Entomologist haunted by his obsession.

  • Long Night by Raven corp.

    He thought he got away with it till the DR came to town.

  • Mantisse by Plural Possessive Productions
  • Mating Rituals by Pending...

    An entomologist aims to prove his worth to his peers and love interest through a sparsely attended, yet heavily coveted research competition.

  • Mensch by No Sunrise Wasted

    Harden German SS print shop owner is given a second chance at redemption.

  • Missing Indigenous by RedFawn

    A Silent film about Missing Indigenous women in Indian country

  • Mork Chop by MFYG Productions
  • Motorcycle Mayhem by Fetus in Fetu Productions

    Scarlett will stop at nothing to keep the Ginger Devils together, braap braap!

  • Orenco Woods by Storybox

    Running through the woods, can be a very, dangerous thing.

  • Party Like It's 1989 by Man vs Film Productions

    Greeting card for a generation, time travel has never been "so retro" taking 8s nights to a, well a whole new level while 3 young ladies adventure to another era.

  • Skitter by Dark Pines Productions

    Game day takes a turn for the weird when an exotic pest invades their home.

  • Stupid Cupid by Potoo Media

    Looking for love in all the wrong places.

  • The Bug by Toll Free Productions

    The future is about to get stung!

  • The Card Maker by Depre$$ion

    Best card maker film of 2017!

  • The Loner and The Loved by Whydah

    An isolationist will not share his resources with his neighbors during a terrible storm, karma ensues.

  • The Mantis Room by Titanic Swim Team
  • The Untold Story of a Sk8-entist by Team wolf

    Documentary crew follows around an unexpected hero with super siiiiick skateboard tricks

  • There's something about Beth by Drone Rangers

    Brett Rivers attempts to win the 2017 International Escape Room League Championship Series in order to fund his bug study.

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