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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Portland winners! PORTLAND’s TOP TWELVE FILMS
> Cinema Queso - "The Premise Syndrome"
> The Collective - "Colette"
> Flux FIlms - "The Economist"
> Jeff Bridges - "Fantasy Unltd."
> Magnolia - "Bugs ’n Beer"
> Ron Morris - "Hold My Grapes"
> NealHam - "Remote Control Optional"
> Nelson Entertainment - "DIService"
> Open Eye - "Mr. Right"
> Overcast Prod’s - "Up the Ladder"
> Upper VT Fighting Swordfish - "Shades of Bartolomeo"
> 80th St. Studios - "Hank Sturgeon"


Best Use of Character

“Mr. Right” by Open Eye Prod’s

Best Use of Prop

“Hank Sturgeon” by 80th St Studios

Best Use of Line of Dialogue

“Diservice” by Nelson entertainment

Best Special Effects

“Premiere Syndrome” by Cinema Queso

Best Music

“Bugs ’n Beer” by Team Magnolia

Best Sound Design

“Fantasy Unlimited” by The Jeff Bridges

Best Acting

“Fantasy Unlimited” by The Jeff Bridges

Best Editing

“Shades of Bartolomeo” by Upper VT Fighting Swordfish

Best Script

“Premiere Syndrome” by Cinema Queso

Best Cinematography (tie)

“Colette” by The Collective & “Fantasy Unlimited” by The Jeff Bridges

Best Directing

“Shades of Bartolomeo” by Upper VT Fighting Swordfish

Best Film

“Fantasy Unlimited” by The Jeff Bridges


Group A
“Remote Control Optional” by NealHam Prod’s

Group B
“Premiere Syndrome” by Cinema Queso

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Portland Teams

80th St. Studios, jim seaton

Being Chased, Zeek Earl

Brickwork Productions, Daniel Cegla

Cinema Queso, Rob Campbell

CyberCamps Lewis and Clark, Mihai Banulescu

Echo, Esteban Ortiz

EG Productions, Freddy Heath

FilmWorkz, Luke Ross

Flux Films, Melissa Steineger

guerrilla machine, emanuel campbell

Lightbulb Toe Productions, Valdez Bravo

MAGNOLIA, Mark Vetanen

Nealham, Alden Morgan

Nelson Entertainment, Shawn Nelson

New Pioneer, Bill Morris

Ninja Baby Productions, Melinda Crouchley

Open Eye Productions, Zachary Brown

Overcast, Dan Elkayam

pcm, Irina Boboia

Rain Country Creative, Patrick Rochel

Ron Morris Films, Ron Morris

Shock and Awe, Ben Dieter

symmetry productions, Jessica Parrott

Team Wasabi, Brian Conley

The Collective Formerly Known as the Halsey Film Collective, Chris Parkhurst

The Dirty Rejects, Sigfried Seeliger

The Jeff Bridges, Michael D. Jones

westie films, Nate Smith