Simplify Your 48HFP Experience!

When you're producing a film, organization is half the battle. All the releases, documents, forms you need make for a lot of paperwork to wrangle.

Here's everything you need for a smooth 48 hour filmmaking weekend...

We've got you covered with your free film Producer's Kit. It has all the paperwork and templates you'll need to make sure that your 48HFP film weekend is smooth sailing!

The Producer's Kit is just one of the many resources that we've put together to help make you a better filmmaker, and it's yours for free when you sign up for our email list.

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48HFP Film Producer's Kit

The kit includes:

  • call sheet template
  • continuity log
  • actor's audition form
  • cast/scene breakdowns
  • storyboarding templates
  • credits worksheets
  • location scouting checklist
  • music release
  • location release
  • ...and more!!

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