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Welcome to the 48HFP

Are you a director, actor, editor, shooter, or audio ninja just itching to practice your craft? Professionals, pre-professionals or hobbyists - this is what you have been waiting for.

The 48 Hour Film Project is an opportunity for filmmakers of all levels to practice your craft - to make a film in a weekend and have it screen before an audience at your local theater.

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How It Works

It sounds simple:  Make a film in 48 hours - 2 days - one weekend. Here’s the catch - you don’t know the genre of your film until right before the clock starts ticking!

First begin putting a team together and register for the 48HFP in your city.

Next after registering, you will receive a series of emails with information and tips for a successful event.  During the lead up to the Project, teams recruit their cast and crew, scout locations and pull their gear together - putting everything in place for the filmmaking weekend.

Sexta Night Kickoff Lisboa: Datas a Anunciar

The 48 Hour Film Project weekend starts on a Sexta night with the Kickoff Event for your city. At the Kickoff:

  • Each team receives the genre for its film in a random drawing
  • Then the required elements are announced - a character, a prop and a line of dialogue - each of which must appear in all films

Then it is off to the races!!  Filmmakers have just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit their film.

Géneros a Sortear Elementos Obrigatórios

Film Weekend: 48 Hours of Non-Stop Action Lisboa: Datas a Anunciar

Most teams schedule their weekend like this:

  • Sexta Night: Writing the script, gathering costumes and props
  • Sábado: Production - this is the shoot
  • Domingo: Editing and Dropoff - it’s time to complete your film as the minutes tick down

Regras para Fazer Um Filme Perguntas Frequentes

Domingo Night Dropoff Lisboa: Datas a Anunciar

At the Dropoff Event, teams submit their film along with the required paperwork.  But don’t be late!  One minute late is too late to be eligible for awards - but all films are screened.

Documentos de Produção

Premiere Screening: Your Film on the Big Screen Lisboa: Datas a Anunciar

The culmination of all your hard work is a screening of your film at a local theater.  All submitted films (both late and on-time) will be screened!

Filmmakers experience the thrill of seeing their creative work on the big screen in front of an audience.  An opportunity you don't want to miss!

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Assembling Your Team

You only need a few key people on board to sign up your team. Where can you find other teammates? Friends & Family, Craig's List, Facebook, Twitter!

Networking Events

Your city's webpage will let you know about upcoming networking events - a great place to find teammates.

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Músicos Locais

Pode haver músicos, bandas e compositores da tua cidade que estejam dispostos a deixar usar o seu trabalho nos vossos filmes, já que permite dar mais visibilidade às suas obras.

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