Saint Louis, Missouri June 2 - 4, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Green Eggs & Cams for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film The Specialist will go on to represent Saint Louis against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

The Specialist by Green Eggs & Cams

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

CUT by Brain Freeze Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Tyler or Tina Terrello, Flooring Specialist
  • Prop: cheese grater
  • Line: "She's the only one who can answer that. OR She is the only one who can answer that."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Audience Favorite: Group B

Date Fight by ShadyRow

Audience Favorite: Group C

The Specialist by Untitled Sequence

Best Writing

CUT by Brain Freeze Productions

Best Editing

Richard Taylor CUT by Brain Freeze Productions

Best Directing

Jason Flamm & Zack Stovall Office Requiem by HLK

Best Cinematography

Mike Rohlfing Lone Wolves by Anonymous Productions

Best Sound Design

Lone Wolves by Anonymous Productions

Best Musical Score

The Specialist by Green Eggs & Cams

Best Actor

Kyle Lee The Floor Whisperer by Team Thunder Gun

Best Actress

Myasia Kisart The Specialist by Green Eggs & Cams

Best Ensemble Acting

Best Choreography

Lone Wolves by Anonymous Productions

Best Costumes

Lone Wolves by Anonymous Productions

Best Use of Character

Best Use of Prop

Best Use of Line

CUT by Brain Freeze Productions

Best Visual Effects

The Specialist by Green Eggs & Cams

Best Titling

The Specialist by Untitled Sequence

2017 Film List

  • ...And Cheesus Wept by DH4K Films

    Unexpectedly given a cheese grating time machine, Tyler Terrello uses his new found device to win the heart of the very women who delivered it. Will he get the girl or will a wildcard thwart this plans?

  • Annarose by Blue Harmony

    Daughter of small town detective is abducted, his life begins to spiral as he searches for her.

  • Chiseled by It's a Long Story...Okay, It's a Short Story.

    An absurdist look at a mime who can't come to grips with his place in the world.

  • Criminal Time Travel and How to Escape by Avenues

    Time travel is not worth it.

  • CUT by Brain Freeze Productions

    It's not over until the final cut.

  • Date Fight by ShadyRow

    No date in the would could handle his fury!

  • Family Goals by Moondoggie Films

    An inexperienced burglar bites off more than he can chew

  • Flip Flop's Funitarium by ShortFuse 3200

    Nothing can stop these theme park fans from enjoying Flip Flop's Funitarium.

  • Floored by Jammin' Bongos

    A floor designer repeatedly appears at the door of a house, confusing the home owner's daughter and her three friends.

  • Friends Over Fables by Small Plastic Dinosaurs

    Two childhood friends who share the same birthday celebrate together every year, but now as one prepares to move across the country it's the end of an era. Having lost to his friend every year in their playful gift-giving competition, Harry embarks on a frantic quest to find perfect gift and finally one-up his pal.

  • Grief. by Bad Karma

    For one mortician dealing with death was always commonplace; but when it enters his own house, the change forces him to confront grief face-to-face.

  • Home Movies by House of Badger

    When home movies go bad.

  • Leave Me A Message by Cannon Cove Studios

    A man looks for love, in all the wrong places, will he find happiness?

  • Lone Wolves by Anonymous Productions

    At the end of civilization, a captured enemy destroys all a group has died to protect.

  • Neighborly by Page 3 Productions

    After hearing a scream from her neighbor's house, Michelle goes to investigate. She was not prepared for the events that followed.

  • Next Up, Chuck by good job hot dog at hotmail dot com

    Sometimes, what's on the inside is more important than what's on the outside.

  • Office Requiem by HLK

    With a lot to do and not enough time to do it, two buddies face fabled and tumultuous turnover in the office. People come and people go. One remains... forever.

  • On This Day by Imaginary Banana

    One man's creation fuels a rescue to defeat a villainous creature that poses the ultimate threat to mankind.

  • Romance Isn't Dead by Fabrication Manufacturing

    Over the course of six parties a couple goes to ever-increasing lengths to keep the other single. Romance isn't dead.

  • Seas The Day by BanJoe Films

    Adulthood forces a man to choose between fulfilling his childhood dreams and fitting in with society.

  • Socky by Fish 'N Bicycle

    To win over the heart of his romantic interest, Socky trains to become the ultimate Rock paper Scissors champion and defeat his rival, Chad.

  • The "Funny" Guy by Happy Birthday Productions

    Wanting to document his rise to comedic stardom, Tino Terrello, an aspiring stand up comedian, hires a film crew to follow him around for a day at the local comedy club, The Laugh Hole.

  • The Croquet Kid by General Snobbery Productions

    After two jerks crush the spirits of "The Kid", a wise croquet master teaches him the ways of the mallet.

  • The Doll by Movie Maker Man
  • The Floor Whisperer by Team Thunder Gun

    An eccentric specialist is called in for one last job, but his new partner isn't so sure about his unorthodox methods.

  • The Grater Will Get You Good by Los Hermanos Politicos

    Beware the Pizza Man who loves real cheese

  • The men get floored, the women get nailed by Medical Waste

    The men get floored, the women get nailed

  • The Specialist by Green Eggs & Cams

    A young woman held by a shadow government agency must summon the strength to discover who she really is.

  • The Specialist by Untitled Sequence

    A couple calls on a specialist to fix a problem.

  • The Terrello Family Band by 1508 Graham

    Play like Jesus is watching

  • Therapy by Lean Wisconsin

    He's home but still trying to find his way back

  • Untraveled by MDS Media

    A love story, set in the after.

  • What Goes Around by A Meal and A Reel!

    On the way to a job interview and while having the best day ever, a young self obsessed woman must learn that everything isn't about her.

  • When the Lights Go Out by Spilt Milk Productions

    A man held prisoner in a basement is subjected to unspeakable things every time the lights go out.

  • Where is she? by RFK / BIP

    Strange event brings about a missing teen

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