Shanghai, 中国 2020年11月6日 - 2020年11月8日

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to PBE Teams for winning Best Film of 2020. Their film A GREAT TRAGEDY will go on to represent Shanghai against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2021.

1st Place: Best Film of 2020


2nd Place: Best Film of 2020

Brother by 北陵公园

3rd Place: Best Film of 2020

皆无所依/Nothing to rely on by Panda film

Required Elements

  • Character: 孟柯  / 孟思 艺术家 (Alec/Alice  Benjamin Artist)
  • Prop: 包装礼品盒 (Wrapped gift box)
  • Line: "你不应该出现在这里" ("You are not supposed to be here/ You aren’t supposed to be here")

Best Writing


Best Editing

The message by Cookie Production

Best Directing

A Beautiful Life by Zoan Culture

Best Cinematography

Brother by 北陵公园

Best Sound Design

Brother by 北陵公园

Best Music

Music Box by Outsiders

Best Song

The Creator by EasyLiving Films

Best Acting (in a leading role)

The Rich & The Raveshing by WMF

Best Actor

皆无所依/Nothing to rely on by Panda film

Best Actress


Best Costumes

The Creator by EasyLiving Films

Best Set Design

The message by Cookie Production

Best Use of Character

1/2Artist by XRay Watchtower League

Best Use of Prop

The Lost by a9ain 20

Best Use of Line


Best Use of Genre

The Rich & The Raveshing by WMF

Best Visual Effects

The Creator by EasyLiving Films

2020 Film List

  • 《无法预定的过去》 by HAKE

    一个女孩有回到过去的能力 ,她反复回到这一天的早晨试图告诉早晨的自己一些事情,能够改变这一天的情况

  • 1/2Artist by XRay Watchtower League

    Two College students from totally different aspects get together accidentally, and then grow in these days.

  • 2892 by 5a

    The crew is making a time-travel love story, but they fail .

  • 8 Hours by Kinomagic

    A group of washed-up film-makers try their hands at making a Soapie.

  • A Beautiful Life by Zoan Culture

    A story about how a doughter struggle with her mom who caught by Alzheimer's disease


    a great tragedy of a writer

  • Birthday Gift by Dream Plus

    The climate changed because the ozonosphere has been broken. People try to live under strong sunshine. A mom gives her daughter a special 14-year-old birthday gift, which changes her life.

  • Brother by 北陵公园

    The film tells the story of a young female artist struggling with family, art, freedom and personal values.

  • For Haley by SOS Productions

    Girl helps boy out of killing himself

  • Hashiru by Moulin Dreamworkers

    With time running out, man tries to deliver most important document of his life before deadline

  • HOTDOG ARTIST by 稽谈社

    The delivery man witnessed the murder scene and was locked in the murderer’s home. However, the truth is beyond his imagination, and it was related with the package which he was delivering.

  • Killed Romantic by VC

    a men fell in love with a women.But this women doesn’t love him.So the man killed her.

  • Man In Box by Whatever

    Alec, is a gift box designer finds out about his inspiration and the truth of his life.

  • Master Piece by Plan C2

    Art Lover Pays Price

  • miNdScApe by Free Form

    Enclosed in a strange, ever-shifting room, two strangers begin to confront an unwanted past. miNdScApe.

  • Music Box by Outsiders

    A girl who play music with a box trying to find her place.

  • Over night by 沙漏

    Dad was also a first-time father

  • Painted with the same brush by Hangry Bird

    Dissatisfied with just one woman , visual artist “Alec” betrays his wife , — with her best friend. When love and friendship become complicated , Alec must reap the consequences of painting two women with the same brush.

  • Sacrifice by 2001:PV-Dogma(静默狂欢)

    The change that happens when a wife and lover accidentally enter the world of an artist's husband.

  • sunrise by 飞砂风中转


  • The Creator by EasyLiving Films

    The art comes with imperfection

  • The Gift by Hold

    An artist who had won a couple prizes from his art pieces found out these art pieces were created by his student, he decides to apologize his cheating on his art exhibition ceremony but he can't find his student anywhere until he receives a mysterious art piece with bleeding blood during the ceremony ...

  • The Gift by Underground Freedom

    A gift of love produces an unintended outcome when divisions in a family's relationships are exposed

  • The Lost by a9ain 20

    MangKe found one mystery gift box when he was creating photos in a basement,and he found the box has a function to disappear people by occasionally,finally he was lost in the mirror.

  • The message by Cookie Production

    Three superheroes bored in a perfect and save world, when a mysterious lady shows up with a message that promised to make them feel like heroes again.

  • The Rich & The Raveshing by WMF

    A Raveshing portrayal of the Banjamin Family Dynasty and Lust, Greed, Money, and Power that Drives them.

  • The Silent Gift by The Real Deal

    The Artists Alec with depression could not get along with anybody else including his sister, until he encountered the other identity of his. The buddy of his help him give away his gift to his sister in the end. The gift here not only refers to the painting given to his sister, but also a "gift" or talent to himself.

  • wait and see by Team BuDong

    "wait and see", an Art performance denouncing climate change in a unique way...

  • Yuonger Hustle by 电影与人
  • 伟大的艺术Masterpiece by 纳米虾饺Nano Har Gow

    一个自认为是伟大艺术家的男人跟踪了一个街上的女人,但当他在家欣赏自己的“杰作”时,却没有想到螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后。 A man, who considers him as a great artist, stalks a woman on the street, but enjoying his “masterpieces” back home, it hardly occurs to him that while he is the predator, he is also the prey.



  • 回 (back) by 千羽兽

    Looking for the truth in yourself could be very dangerous.

  • 弦外之音Overtones by 阴暗的天啊SunlessSky

    The little boy bought a virtual street battle robot gift bag and came to the game of the western world to find the piano cowboy Alice. The real war in the real world interrupted their virtual duel. After the long war, they were always waiting for each other in the game world. 小男孩购买了一个虚拟的巷战机器人礼包,来到西部世界的游戏中寻找钢琴牛仔Alice,现实世界中真正的战争打断了他们的虚拟决斗,漫长的战争过去了,他们始终在游戏世界里等待着彼此。

  • 皆无所依/Nothing to rely on by Panda film

    本片讲述了一位从小热爱唱歌的青年因父亲的固执观念而被迫辍学在家务农,为了教育儿子,父亲砍倒了儿子最亲近的听众——树,但父亲的举动却让儿子最终选择走向绝路。 本片表述了两代人的意识冲突,也寓意现今残酷的社会不需要真正的艺术,真正的艺术正在消亡。 This film tells the story of a young man who loved singing from an early age and was forced to drop out of school to work at home because of his father's stubborn ideas. in order to educate his son, the father cut down his son's closest listener, the tree, but the father's actions made the son choose to go to a dead end.  This film expresses the conflict of consciousness between the two generations, but also means that today's cruel society does not need real art, and real art is dying.

  • 路灯(THE LIGHT) by For Fun Forever

    一名14岁的失足少女,正作为嫌疑人在审讯。在警察的盘问中,想极力隐藏自己的情人—木雕艺术家 孟柯,他杀人的事实。但其实他等的男人(孟柯)却没有出现。

  • 静默情挑 by Sudden Light


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