Tampa, Florida August 4 - 6, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to dMp for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film An Orphan in Time will go on to represent Tampa against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

Sensys by Justin Timecode

Required Elements

  • Character: Big T or Tina Briggsy, Contractor
  • Prop: dog toy
  • Line: "Whoa, slow down."

2017 Film List

  • 0 and 10 Films by 0 & 10 Films

    Everyone needs a little music in their life.

  • A Life Well Framed by Monkey Business

    Life Imitates Art...Monkey See...Monkey Do. The life and irony of artist Simian Schnablin.

  • An Orphan in Time by dMp

    What would you do to save everything?

  • Bake-Off by 3 AM Thunderpalm Society

    A culinary mogul dies, leaving her daughters fighting for her fortune.

  • Case #10648 by Broken Toys Productions

    A detective on the hunt for a serial killer encounters madness and the unexpected.

  • change by Palm Coast Productions

    woah, slow down.

  • Click Bait by FUBAR

    Hit Woman Finds Zip Drive, See How She Responds

  • Complicity by Nukkad-USA Productions, Inc. & Nukkad-usa Productions, Inc.

    Watch & see what exactly "Complicity" means!!!

  • Deceit by Alpha Q

    A contractor is hired to take karma into her own hands and dispose of the unfaithful.

  • Doggie Bag by Snazzybits Pictures

    Tina Briggsy, a timid and elusive contractor, is about to have her most awkward AirB&B experience yet.

  • Fish Out Of Water by Matthew Bistok Productions

    A young girl finds her herself alone in a big world.

  • Flashing Before My Eyes by The Defenders

    A boy on the cusp of manhood being drafted into the Vietnam war.

  • Interning with Dad by VPN Studios

    A con man and his daughter set out to make the world a cleaner place, one room at a time or so they think.

  • INVADED by Infinite Pictures

    How far would you go to survive the night?

  • Life of BIG T by Newborn Cinema

    realization of man to face the reality with attitude

  • Love Blows by FITUMI

    A man plans for a special date, but fate conspires against him.

  • Office Games by Solomons Choice Films

    Office games can be deadly.

  • Outlaw by Freebird Media
  • Room Only by Go, Mordecai!

    A writer rents a room for the weekend expecting peace and quiet. Her unexpected host has other plans, contracting with the devil to submit her guest to psychological manipulation and ultimately death.

  • Sensys by Justin Timecode

    A telepathic interrogation conjures cryptic memories from a convict's past.

  • The Battle for the Paddle by Uncle Hank's Private Movie Stash

    A man's love for ping pong takes him on journey to find his true calling.

  • The Crazed by Off By One

    A couple fights about the stress of a relationship's past during the onslaught of a zombie outbreak.

  • The Lonely Guy by Ambrosia Film Works

    The hottest new show where celebrity meets true love, Olga a super hot International star will be your host, She will introduce to you the first lonely guy, it's baseball superstar Blake Mc Coy

  • The Patriarch by Bitter Glass Productions

    A young woman and her father move away from the city for a fresh start in an a not-so charming suburban neighborhood.

  • The Ringer by Sunshine Syndicate

    When a lost wedding ring reappears at a dinner party, a seething wife has to solve the mystery of exactly who at that table has been sleeping with her husband.

  • Weekend at Broskis by Nice Throw! Productions

    2 "broskis" try to distance themselves from a dead body they found on vacation.

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