The 48 Hour Film Project

Why Enter?

Top 5 Reasons to Make a 48 Hour Film

1. It's Fun

Making a 48 hour film is lots of fun. Filmmakers come back year after year to have a blast with their friends.

2. See Your Film on the Big Screen

That's right, see your film in a local theater with an audience. There is no bigger thrill than hearing a full theater of people respond to your film.

3. Meet Other Talented Local Filmmakers...

...and show off your talents. By doing the 48HFP you are joining an international network of filmmakers. Who knows? You may find a collaborator for a future project.

4. You Could Be Going to Cannes

In addition to a number of local awards, we take a dozen of the top films to the Cannes Film Festival.

5. Jump Start Your Creativity

There is nothing like a tight deadline to get your team working creatively and collaboratively. And just think, at the end of the weekend—you have a film!

And if that's not enough, our new partner, NewBlue is offering tutorials and free editing software!

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You're a creative genius.

You've got a camera
and your neighbor has Final Cut Pro.

You know you can round up a bunch
of your friends for the weekend.

What more do you need?
You're ready for the 48 Hour Film Project!

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