Detroit, Michigan October 1 - 3, 2021

And... It's a Wrap on Filmmaking Congratulations Detroit filmmakers!

On Sunday, October 3, Detroit teams submitted the results from their weekend of blood, sweat and tears – a completed film! Just a couple of days prior these were only ideas in heads of our filmmakers and now they have come to life.

You won’t want to miss seeing the films at our Premiere Screenings!

Required Elements

  • Character: Eric or Erica Foddle, Researcher
  • Prop: a necklace
  • Line: ""Let's go. Time is ticking." OR "Let us go. Time is ticking.""

Screening Groups

Screening Group To Be Determined

Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 50vs50 Entertainment William Servis
  • Basilica Pictures John Church
  • Broken Multiverse Michael Rizzo
  • Detroit Film Studio Charlene Jeter
  • Fosca Features LLC Jesse McAnally
  • Hellfire and Brimstone Productions Matthew Kent
  • HFC Film Hawks D. Mark Hall
  • Mitten Rabbits Nathan Keelan
  • Rebel Pictures Michael McCallum
  • RedWax Productions Nate Clark
  • Reel Productions Jack Hale
  • Studio 1D Matt Yee
  • Team 6 DeLeon Alexander
  • The Group Emerson Rogers
  • Timeless Classics Unlimited Jon Boyd
  • TK2Films Alyssa Caswell

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