Shanghai, 中国 2019年9月13日 - 2019年9月15日

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Willmountain Films for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film The Amazing Adventures of Captain Cuisine will go on to represent Shanghai against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

Wheel Power by By A Long Shot

3rd Place: Best Film of 2019

She by MatchBox

Required Elements

  • Character: 方田,厨师 (John / Jen Fields, chef)
  • Prop: 镜子 (a mirror)
  • Line: "这太迷信了" ("That is rather superstitious")

2019 Film List

  • Butcher’s Guide by Plan C

    An experimental chef discovers the secret ingredient of a lifetime—his neighbor’s obnoxious dog.

  • cannibalism age by 42

    After creating the age of agriculture, the age of industry, the age of artificial intelligence, in the next century, the great human will create what era? The age of self-digestion.

  • Drama by drama

    people can’t get out of society and have various effects


    Driven but his passion John refuse to give up on his dream to become a professional football player

  • Just a mystery story by Dawn of us

    Just a mystery story

  • LIFE of the PARTY by ANYMATE

    Girl with untreatable disease traveling to spread her hope to truly live.

  • Lost and found by lastminute

    A girl having one day business trip lost her suitcase and at the end of the day she found her suitcase back and more than that

  • Luck Out by electricity bill

    Luck Out and Brothers Co. - We take care of your good luck

  • Lulu by Wefilm

    A film about women's free spirit and independence vs tolerance to the domestic violence. Lulu went to a dreamy bar after killing her boyfriend by self-defense. she met another herself in the bar, and had an meaningful chat.

  • Mirror Lie by Vault-Tech 48 hours film group

    A story about Jen Field, a chef and online celebrity, misled by mobile AI, who struggles between the reality and the virtual world and tries to get the permanent beauty and company of others.

  • Namaste by The Wild Chicken

    An ordinary driver drives his boss and boss's lover home.

  • Nude Sculpture by 大河

    In 1920’s China, although it was under the time of men's predominance over women, a female sculptor who had studied abroad, was not afraid of social rumors, and made a huge effort to look for nude female models to create sculptures.

  • Ostinato by Team RGB

    The first step is admitting you need help, but getting it kills. In this short, John Fields finds himself living through death over and over... but not everything is as it seems.

  • Please eat,my love by Back to the 1895

    In order to get rid of anorexia,the couple decided to go to a special restaurant.However, the Danger is coming.

  • She by MatchBox

    After ten years of keeping each other in mind, Will they be together?

  • Strange mirror 奇怪的镜子 by Shape Media

    A young talented chef is in a real-life predicament and discovers a solution to solving the situation.

  • Suicide Package by Doraemon

    A man tries to commit suicide, but a phone call totally change his life...

  • The abandoned son by Happy Production

    It's a modern family story about a son in need of love and a caring but busy father who eventually eliminate the misunderstanding and take down the spy from competitor.

  • The Amazing Adventures of Captain Cuisine by Willmountain Films

    Captain Cuisine must overcome his arch nemesis, Stale Taste, and his evil henchmen in order to create the perfect dish.

  • The Board by A Bunch of Strangers

    A young security guard's first day at work takes an unexpected turn when the company's VIP board members show up.

  • The Ghost in the Mirror by Jesn&His friends


  • The Spectre of Shanghai Forest by Mystical Magical Time Force Go!

    A wondering chef encounters a mysterious figure in a forest.

  • Thieves by Crouching Tiger

    A poor thief seduces a lady for money, but his student’s appearing effects his plan...

  • Wheel Power by By A Long Shot

    A determined entrepreneur fights the world to deliver his product despite his own limitations.

  • 向内而生 by Neon


  • 阿菲正传 by Team Majestic Rooftop Sofa

    a secret makes a woman woman.

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