Around the World November 11 - 14, 2016


Get Ready for a Global Challenge!

The weekend? November 11 - 14, 2016

The challenge? To make a film in a single weekend!

Filmmakers from all over the world will compete to see who can make the best short film in only three days. The 4PFP is an online contest which follows the same basic idea of the 48HFP - write, produce, and edit a short film in just a weekend using an assigned genre and three elements which are announced via email at the start of the weekend.

The 4PFP films are all judged by a panel of film professionals, and the top 4PFP film will be awarded $3000 USD and screen at both Filmapalooza 2017 and the Cannes Film Festival 2017, Court Métrage. Additionally the top 15 films will be made available online where the general public will vote for the winner of Audience Favorite, who will recieve $1000 USD and also screen at Filmapalooza 2017.

Make a Film in THREE Days!

The Four Points Film Project competition weekend begins at 7:00 PM your local time on November 11, 2016 and concludes on November 14. That gives your team 77 hours to write, shoot, edit, score and submit your short film. You will be assigned two random genres and you must shoot your film using either, or both, of the genres. Each time zone will be assigned its own set of elements - character, prop and line of dialogue. All films will be submitted online and instructions will be provided to your team upon registration.

Genres Elements FAQs

Registration Fees

  • Regular: 150 /team ends Tue, Nov 1
  • Late: 165 /team ends Fri, Nov 11
Register Your Team Now!Looking to Join a Team?

Kickoff Event

Fri, Nov 11, 2016 @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Dropoff Event

Mon, Nov 14, 2016
by 11:59pm to be on-time

Participating Teams

Here are some of the teams around the world that will be making a short film in only 3 days for the Four Points Film Project.

  • [Redacted} Films Kris Schulz
  • 180 Degree Films Shane Richardson
  • 404 team not found mehdy houate
  • 4Mc LLC Leroy McCarty
  • A Great Group of Gals and Guys Sierra Nutkevitch
  • A l'arrache ! Titouan Laporte
  • A Really Curious Blue Erick Sommers
  • Alpha Flight Films Ruben Ybarra
  • Amalgamated Grommets Michael Brueggemeyer
  • Amarillo Filmmakers Collective Paul Gall
  • AnyTek Productions Michael Vallier II
  • AnyTek Productions Michael Vallier II
  • Arizona Ink Studios Andrew Zumwalt
  • Avenues Alex Van Almsick
  • Backspace Blunders Randy Roland
  • Bad Wolf Productions Holli Herrle-Castillo
  • Bang It Out Media House Pete Monroe
  • Big Sebastian tiller Gray
  • Blackstone River Johnny Pappas
  • Blue Moon Art House Productions Billie Letic
  • Bobcat Media Productions Taylor Kidner
  • Bottom Line Baddies Alex Kamb
  • Boulbiwood Lola Doratiotto
  • Brick Wall Films Doshel Zhang
  • BYERFILMS Nick Byer
  • BYOF Media Dennis Martinus
  • BYRAM BEASTS Mike Chuney
  • CAB F A Jesse Haywood
  • CHS Films David Salowe
  • City Band Productions Ramon Vasquez Jr.
  • Cool Team Tommy Heffernan
  • Cosas Artisticas Films Maritza Lopez
  • crashtestmovies Jean-Michel Batto
  • Cross Word Films Warren Matson
  • Dadams Family Lauryn Harold
  • DGS Cinema Davis Skinner
  • Do These Glasses Make My... Brandon Sim
  • Dragon Farm Productions Norman Luce
  • Fallen Light Media ryan kelly
  • Far Country Productions Jonathan Waugh
  • Feature Presentation Silas Pippitt
  • Film Vandals Kaitlin Larson
  • Glitter Reel Productions Janelle White
  • GO Great Lakes Productions Daniel Belleville
  • Grand Duc pop films François Chanaux
  • GrooveKo Jonathan Hammond
  • Grudio Pictures Susan Davis
  • Honeybaby Studios Robert Chestney
  • HOOJIE MORRILL Productions Stephen Bennett
  • HotMomdotcom Tamara Almeida
  • Instant Noodles Film David Tang
  • intelleXual entertainment David Dawson
  • Jabronie Pictures Fernando Huerto
  • Kanari Storm Christine Gatlin
  • Kilohertz Jordan Hood
  • Lemon Difficult Matthew Lumas
  • Loft 6 Lucrecia Giacomuzzi
  • Love My Productions Ashley "Asha" Chai-Chang
  • Lulu Adam El Shalakany
  • Lumos Pictures Micheal Willbanks
  • Mastin Burton Productions Beatriz Vázquez
  • Matière Noire Studios Frédéric Hauté
  • MediaTech Houston Dennis Tipton
  • Mercury Cinema Roman Koenig
  • Midi30Quatre Nanfray Lagavardan
  • MIRNAROAD paul rochefort
  • Misanthropic Media Olivia McCreary
  • N8-Bit Productions Nathan Gilwit
  • Named After The Dog Suzanne LaChasse
  • Nebulus Visions Bradley Haag
  • NOBS Derk van den Berg
  • Olympic College Film Club Eric Jordan Mattos
  • Olympic College Film Club Eric Jordan Mattos
  • Other Films Heleni Handt
  • PAS Productions Valerie Gasior
  • PDX Productions Stephanie Rodgers
  • Plaid Shirt Productions Jordan Brooke
  • Plop Tarts Productions Tone Branson
  • Pod Productions Jessi Rumble
  • Project19 Nigel Brown
  • Propaganda Films Jillien Manno
  • RED MED ANSAMBEL רן סלוניקי
  • Red Rook Films Caleb Baccus
  • Reel Suite Productions Michael Bailey
  • Saint Nick's 2.0 Al Adducci
  • Scrumbags Chris Mier
  • Seven Scott Productions Daniel Dagesse
  • Shutter Release Rory Holwerda
  • Smashclub David Skorut
  • Sognare Films Scott Gibson
  • SonderVision Productions Nick Duncan
  • Story Teller Production Swapnil Tambadkar
  • Studio 76 Drew Tyler
  • Tarphedo Films Topher Nadauld
  • Tasty Lumens Isaac King
  • Tea and Bag Production Co. Ryan Rivera
  • Team Bugbear Rebecca Reilly
  • Team Dharma Mark Rosenau
  • Team Midas Michael Wickham
  • Tellurion Filmworks Omar Becerra
  • the 7th eye Igor Lewicki
  • The 8th Floor Allison Laski
  • The 8th Floor Allison Laski
  • The Big Easy Thought Parade Tricia Prewitt
  • The Cinethusiasts Raymond Rea
  • The Delirious Adam Pereira
  • The Ensemble Joseph Montoya
  • The Pig & The Twenties Lucas Verger
  • theMAXeffect Sandy Antunes
  • Tree Tape Images Sarah Dean
  • Tripé Pedro Caldeira
  • Two of us Paolo Fantini
  • TwoRoomsNoRugs Michael Ellero
  • Ugly Mutt Entertainment mark pekari
  • UNG Student Film Association (Lemonbats) David Smith
  • VernaJune Ent. Jeff Swerdan
  • Vocal Fry Casey Atkins
  • War Pony - Big Kittie Kato Buss
  • We-Grillin-Tonight Films Nathan Block
  • White Tie Guys Nicolas Pantaleon
  • Wolf Pack Productions Sandra LaFevers
  • Y IS THE ANSWER Cynthia Dene'

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