Around the World November 11 - 14, 2016


Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Amalgamated Grommets for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film The Answer will go on to represent World-Wide against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

The Answer by Amalgamated Grommets

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

Object Alfa by Kolektyw Filmowy Mamy to!

3rd Place: Best Film of 2016

The Clock is Ticking by NARKODOLAR

Audience Favorite

The Fatal Sunday by 48 second hour TOKYO

Honorable Mentions
Hollow (El vacío) by Cosas Artisticas Films
The Clock is Ticking by NARKODOLAR

Best Writing

Marianne Bates The Answer by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Editing

Stephane Payen Comme un chêne by MIRNAROAD

Michael Brueggemeyer The Answer by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Directing

Thomas Gailhard Slow Play by Les Sauvages

Best Cinematography

Marc Benoliel Comme un chêne by MIRNAROAD

Best Sound Design

Frank Forth The Answer by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Musical Score

Simon van Arkel, Thomas Acda and Dagmar Werkhoven Before I forget by NOBS

Best Actor

Ludovic Doyard as Jean-Marc Slow Play by Les Sauvages

Best Actress

Lisa Winans as Dr. Marla The Answer by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Choreography

Fernando Jay Huerto and Eric Nguyen Codex Hero Excel by Jabronie Pictures

Best Use of Character

Honorable Mentions
Regression by Four Shots Productions
Ten and Two by The Delirious

Best Use of Prop


Best Use of Genre

the organ grinder by Monsieur soeur

2016 Film List


    Little Carly masterfully traverses space and time during her unconscious state

  • A CAB Through Time by Plaid Shirt Productions

    A trip through time shows Eric a glimpse of his future self and he's worried about who he becomes.

  • A Night In Red by Kilohertz

    You have to be kidding me

  • A Noteworthy Killer by I'm The Villain Films

    Another murder, another note

  • a short silent? horror film by Ananymous

    A silent film gone wrong

  • Abdication by 11th Place Productions

    When a writer claims someone else's work as his own, he ends up getting more than he bargained for.

  • Altitude Of The Ether by Film Antics

    Stay ahead or fall behind.

  • An Off Day by Seven Scott Productions

    Jake's calm day off spirals out of control as he makes a delivery and takes his driving test.

  • At a Loss for Words by The Cinethusiasts

    or: Why Titlecards Caused my Breakup

  • Auto by SonderVision Productions

    Self Driving Cars may be the future, but they come with some big questions

  • Before I forget by NOBS

    After Fay's father passes away, she moves in with his best friend Victor. He does everything he can

  • Botanical by Time Bandits

    Thrive in your environment

  • Breaking the routine by The Space Monkey Mafia

    thats not even a word.


    What would you do to keep your teeth clean?

  • Carbon Copy by Brutal Bambi Productions

    Rhi Porter Reporting. How Scandalous Can One Small Town Be?

  • Channeling by A Frameful of Fingers

    Tension brews between a couple as Carly, the wife, begins to lose herself to the noise.

  • Chop'd by GO Great Lakes Productions

    Shop owner gets chopped

  • Class Dismissed by theMAXeffect

    Three superhero classmates get increasingly competitive over the library's last copy of a book.

  • Clutch by Sixth Floor Cinema

    The Past is Haunting

  • Code Blue by Aura Media Productions

    In Washington DC a martial arts vigilante has doubts that his efforts fighting crime are making a difference.

  • Codex Hero Excel by Jabronie Pictures

    A mysterious message leads a young hero and overwhelmed scientist to fight off an alien invasion.

  • Comme un chêne by MIRNAROAD

    When a boxer fights against his rage

  • Confidential by One Love Creations

    An accountant finds himself in a life or death situation concerning a client and his daughter.

  • Cruise Control by Love My Productions

    Are the bumps and curves only on the road?

  • Curious Kinks by Tasty Lumens

    A sex hotline operator handles a thrilling call.

  • Dissonance by Olympic College Film Club

    A man on the edge of a breakdown tries to find love in an industrial hellscape.

  • DMV by Veridical Productions

    A disgruntled DMV worker trains a new overly-enthusiastc employee while making a training video.

  • Downtime by Pod Productions

    The future: robots serve humans. They aren't like us. When humans sleep, their nature is revealed.

  • Driver's Dead by BYRAM BEASTS

    An unfortunate accident during a drivers ed class lead students down a fiendish road.

  • Empty Seat by Instant Noodles Film

    A group of friends cope with the absence of their best friend on Thanksgiving.

  • Enfermé: Company in the Dark by A Bunch

    A female hostage is given to an unwilling kidnapper; a bond is made.

  • Escapement by

    'Death separated them, but can time keep them apart?'

  • Fabrication by Nevada Film Club

    A scientist goes too far in his quest to revive his dead lover.

  • Fairylicious by Bad Wolf Productions

    When a man finds a fairy in a Tequila bottle, he gets more than he wishes for.

  • Fast Forward by Red Rook Films

    Everyone Effects Everyone

  • Here Beside Me by PAS Productions

    How far will the soul wander for love?

  • Ho-Ho-Holy S#*! by TwoRoomsNoRugs

    A robbery gone wrong

  • Hollow (El vacío) by Cosas Artisticas Films


  • Home Inspection by Red Tail Films

    Take A Closer Look

  • HypnoSlaves by Grand Duc pop films

    Back from vacations, a demon must struggle with the local's frenzy.

  • In Situ by intelleXual entertainment

    Janet Jones is an archaeologist trying to save the remains of her relationship.

  • Introduction of someone else by WSO

    The man knew someone’s secret by engaging in introduction of someone else. What kind of real himself

  • It's 'Bout Time by Misfit Island Media

    The crazy adventures of filmmakers.

  • John Doe & The Hypothetical Enthusiasts in the Yonder by BYERFILMS
  • Joyride by InFocus

    An awkward rideshare driver finds an unexpected friend in a drunken poet.

  • Lady Lee by VernaJune Ent.

    When Lucy and her friends are held captive, an unexpected hero must save the day.

  • Little Mr. Sonshine by Bottom Line Baddies

    Son of a criminal struggles to gain his father's affection.

  • Making a Difference by LC Valley Productions

    We're going to help a lot of people...

  • Me. Conception by Shine Studios

    When someone's had enough, more than one will suffer.

  • Millennial-Esque by War Pony - Big Kittie

    Disenfranchised and diagnosed, a family struggles with itself in a post-Trumpian world.

  • Mise en Scene by Loft 6

    A collector woman that recreates silly ways of dying

  • Nightfall by Blue Moon Art House Productions

    The sun has set in the city of sin. Detective Ryan is about to stumble onto his darkest night yet.

  • Notches by 4Mc LLC

    The ghostly return of one victim to help her friend from becoming part of a killer’s body count.

  • Object Alfa by Kolektyw Filmowy Mamy to!
  • One Last Gift by Four Corners Filmmakers

    A greiving family gets one special gift.

  • Only Six by Smashclub

    So Steve's a murderer; why does nobody in the office care?!

  • Only yo and I by MLM films

    Solo tu y yo

  • Pardon my French by the 7th eye

    A super hero movie about poets

  • Perpetual Night by Tiberiusfilm Ltd.

    The Night will swallow you whole.

  • Poetic Justice by Lumos Pictures

    While struggling with writing her poetry, Carly Tennant falls victim to a home invasion.

  • Poetry Man by Cross Word Films

    A poet offers personal & affirming poems is confronted by a poem recipient's angry ex boyfriend.

  • Powers Anonymous by A Great Group of Gals and Guys

    A young woman attends an AA meaning for people who use their powers for their own gain.

  • Pure as Milk by Happy Lemon

    The story of a milkman in a milkmanless world

  • Real State by Studio E


  • Real-Life Rom-Com by CHS Films

    Two teens break out of their comfort zones to embark on a blind date.

  • REFUGE by Fallen Light Media

    Four women try to escape from a bleek future where they are subject to forced breeding.

  • Regression by Four Shots Productions

    If we are pushed, who do we become?

  • Remembering Kuwait by Team Epicphany

    Speciat Agent Summers hunts criminal mastermind that kidnapped her daugther.


    you wanna restart?

  • Silent Serenade by Wolf Pack Productions

    A love struck boy uses his poetry to woo a charming girl.

  • Slow Play by Les Sauvages

    That’s the last time I’m going to do that

  • Stallmates by 180 Degree Films

    A scientist and her assistant get revenge on a bad boss

  • Sync by Sum of 4 Studio

    Even romance needs tech support!

  • Ten and Two by The Delirious

    Two of the most critical drives you can take, a test and a getaway, cross paths.

  • The 40th Day by #CineMob

    The supposed son of God is hunted by the U.S. military... Is he a man? or something more?

  • The Answer by Amalgamated Grommets

    Two scientists explore a distant planet to save their own.

  • The Bake Job by Kanari Storm

    A group of teachers hatch an outlandish plan to get rich that leads to betrayal and murder.

  • The Clock is Ticking by NARKODOLAR

    What would happen if the world around you stopped?

  • The Conjurer... by Story Teller Production

    Two detectives get involved with sick poet

  • The Driving Instructor by White Tie Guys

    In order to save up money to buy a car, a young man becomes a driving instructor, and must overcome

  • The Fatal Sunday by 48 second hour TOKYO

    A painter has six different girlfriends, and falls in love with the worst best girl on a Sunday.


    Wrestlers in 1979 receive coaching from a 1950s World Champion.

  • The last session by Boulbiwood


  • The Mundane Life of the Infurious David McMiller by [Redacted} Films

    Sometimes, you just need that cup of coffee.

  • The Odist by Scrumbags

    A woman suspects she has a stalker, only to find out it the danger is much closer to home.

  • the organ grinder by Monsieur soeur

    Two children trapped in a cave survive thanks to a strange music machine that doesn't make any music

  • The Rule Breaker by Dream Nineteen

    An office worker attempts to hypnotize his coworker to commit murder with poetry.

  • The Shellhouse by [UN]Reality
  • The Threesome by Do These Glasses Make My...
  • The Top of the Stairs by We-Grillin-Tonight Films

    Trust your Tale

  • The Tricks of Trig by Glitter Reel Productions

    A wacky math tutor who enjoys the thrill of stealing runs a session and scares them with her tricks.

  • The Wash by PDX Productions

    CEO Bradley Masterson is accused of being responsible for missing intern, Danielle Weston.

  • Thought Processing by Team Bugbear
  • Time Bomb by Howell High School

    A stranger brings a mourning woman to the future on a mission, but the past gets in the way.

  • Time Punk'd by Bison Picnic Table Productions

    Would you blindly trust your future-self in order to win $10 million?

  • Tough Love by Dreamcatcher Films LLC

    Private Investigator Deon Diggs questions a scientist about a mysterious death.

  • Travesía by GasMask Studios

    two friends have to deal with a hard journey of his life

  • TRYST by kino namai

    "TRYST", by kino namai, Utena

  • Upstream by Misanthropic Media

    An activist and poet reflects on the value of his efforts, and the struggle to continue fighting.

  • Victoria Rose by The Big Easy Thought Parade

    A loner artist draws an outcast child into her world.

  • WASTED LIFE by City Band Productions

    It takes guts to overcome weakness

  • Watchtower by Backspace Blunders

    Rory's journey with his mother takes him to unexpected places.

  • Well, Actually... by Gritty RAWK!

    Three women wake up unexpectedly in prison and desperately try to figure out why.

  • What Friends Are For by AnyTek Productions

    Two friends get stuck in a trap of hypnosis.

  • You Can't by Lemon Difficult

    A woman wrestles with the stress of daily life through martial arts discipline

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