The 48 Hour Film Project

The San Antonio 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project comes to San Antonio on the weekend of August 15 - 17, 2014. Filmmakers from all over the San Antonio area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

Enter today! Space is limited.

This year, teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once the initial registration is complete, we will add teams to a waiting list.

Regular registration is $160. If teams register after Tuesday, August 5 they must pay a rate of $175.

Register for the San Antonio 48 Hour Film Project now!

San Antonio 48HFP Events


Date  Friday, August 15
Time  6:00pm - 7:00pm
Place  Casa de la Fox, 6850 Rock Rd. San Antonio, TX 78229


Date  Sunday, August 17
Time  7:30pm (by 7:30pm to be on time!)
Place  Casa de la Fox, 6850 Rock Rd.

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Registered Teams

50 mm Productions, Roy Hunsicker
Air Quote Films, greg ventura
COSA Communicators, Cliff Brannon
Four-Eyed Crew , Jacob Navaira
FTF Productions, Ryan Goodwin
Keepin' It Reel, Chase Otero
Merky Waters Films, Bobby Merkle
Muga Duga, Cecilio Martinez
Omnificent Pictures, Kemane Hagerman
ORDER OF THE BIRD, Will Underwood
Red Rook, Caleb Baccus
Shooting Blanks, John Viruzo
SimpleMan Productions, Jonathan Zitelman
That Young Stuff, Kate Martin
that's what she said, Erica Buitron
Valcone Pictures, Stephen Gutierrez
Visionary Nerds, Don Espiritu