Shanghai, 中国 2019年9月13日 - 2019年9月15日


The weekend? 2019年9月13日 - 2019年9月15日

The challenge? 在中48个小时完成制作个短片!

来自Shanghai, CN 上海的电影人会竞争在中只有48个小时谁能够制作最好的短片。 获胜的电影和其他国家的获胜电影将会去 Filmapalooza 2020 有机会赢得大奖,在戛纳电影节屏幕,2020, 在Court Métrage.

Genres Elements FAQs

Registration Fees

  • Early Bird: 700 CNY/team ends 8月19日 (Mon)
  • Regular: 900 CNY/team ends 9月3日 (Tue)
  • Late: 1000 CNY/team ends 9月13日 (Fri)
Register Your Team Now!Find Team / Team Members

Kickoff Event

2019年9月13日 (Fri) @ 18:00 - 19:00
Musikspace (102 South Xiangyang Rd, 3rd floor)
102 South Xiangyang Rd, Shanghai


Someone from each active team must be present to select their genre by random draw. This is also where we will announce the character, the line, and the prop. 

The big weekend begins.

Dropoff Event

2019年9月15日 (Sun) @ 17:30 - 22:00
by 19:30 to be on-time
Maya (568 Julu Road, Grand Plaza, Clubhouse 2nd Fl.)
568 Julu Rd, Jingan Qu, Shangha


and celebration. Remember to be there before 7PM  

Bring your completed PLAYABLE video on a USB drive in H264 format. 

Celebration and consolations to follow. (party at MAYA) Have some fun before you sleep off the weekend

Premiere Screenings

Tickets: 100.00 CNY
2019年9月30日 (Mon) @ 15:00
Maya (568 Julu Road, Grand Plaza, Clubhouse 2nd Fl.)
568 Julu Rd, Jingan Qu, Shangha

early tickets 79    regular and at door 100    register early, it will sell out 

Required Media

  • Video Codec: H.264 (preferred)
  • Media: USB Thumb Drive (preferred), Data DVD
  • File Type: MPEG 4 (.mp4) (preferred), Quicktime (.mov)
  • Resolution: HD 720 (1280x720) (preferred), HD 1080 (1920x1080), SD
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
  • Pixel Ratio: Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:9)
  • Frame Rate: 24 FPS (23.976), 25 FPS, 30 FPS (29.97), 24 FPS, 30 FPS
  • Interlacing: Interlaced, Progressive / NON-Interlaced
  • Audio Codec: WAV (.wav), MPEG4 (.mp4), MPEG3 (.mp3)
  • Audio Bit Rate: 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps
  • Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
  • Maximum File Size: 2.0GB (preferred)

Video should be on a thumb drive and the drive will not be returned. 

Participating Teams

Here are some of the teams that will be making a short film for Shanghai in only 48 hours.

  • 42 Linus Tang
  • 48h Death Link Overnight Si Bokai
  • A Bunch of Strangers Maarten van der Meer
  • ANYMATE Stanislav Semeniuk
  • Crouching Tiger Lan Liu
  • Doraemon MENGYI ZHUANG
  • Jesn&His friends Jesn Bin
  • MatchBox Jedecen Ma
  • NOMADE PRODUCTION damien louise
  • Team Majestic Rooftop Sofa Greg Tulchin
  • Team RGB Luke Luoh
  • Vault-Tech 48 hours film group Jian Wang
  • Wefilm Yunsheng Jiang
  • Willmountain Films Judlin Willmont
  • 大河 shuyuan jiang
  • 木马人 Yvonne Li

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