Toronto, Canada 18 - 20 October 2019

It's Finally Here...

Filmmakers are taking over Toronto and turning it into movie-making madness for 48 hours! Teams of filmmakers have a single weekend - this one - to write, shoot and edit their short films! All completed entries will be unveiled on the big screen, at our premiere screenings.

Here are some important notes for 48HFP filmmakers:

  • Elements: The required elements for Toronto will be listed on this page after kickoff.
  • Media: You must submit your film according to the formats listed lower on this page.
  • Documents: You must submit releases for all team members, all music, all locations, and any other copyrighted material, as well as a team leader's agreement, a roster, and a certification statement. These forms can be downloaded from on our Production Documents page.
  • Rules: You should make sure that your film complies with our Filmmaking Rules and Competition Rules. If you have questions about the rules, the best place to go is our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 48HFP Hotline: If you have a question during the filmmaking weekend, call the 48HFP Hotline. The number is on the Kickoff Info Sheet that your team representative was given at the kickoff. If you email us, you will probably not receive an answer in time, so please call.
  • Dropoff: Your film must be dropped off at the location listed on this page.

Be safe! Make great films! Good luck!

Elements Genres FAQs

Required Media

  • Video Codec: H.264 (preferred), AVCHD, MPEG-4, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
  • Media: USB Thumb Drive (preferred)
  • File Type: Quicktime (.mov) (preferred), AVI (.avi), MPEG 4 (.mp4)
  • Resolution: HD 1080 (1920x1080) (preferred), HD 720 (1280x720)
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) (preferred)
  • Pixel Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) (preferred)
  • Frame Rate: 24 FPS (23.976) (preferred), 30 FPS (29.97)
  • Interlacing: Progressive / NON-Interlaced (preferred)
  • Audio Codec: WAV (.wav) (preferred), AAC (.aac), MPEG4 (.mp4), MPEG3 (.mp3)
  • Audio Bit Rate: 256 kbps (preferred), 128 kbps, 192 kbps
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 kHz (preferred), 44.1 kHz
  • Maximum File Size: 1.0GB (preferred), 2.0GB, 4.0GB

Registration Fees

  • Early Bird: 150 CAD/team ends Wed, 4 Sep
  • Regular: 175 CAD/team ends Mon, 30 Sep
  • Late: 200 CAD/team ends Fri, 18 Oct
Register Your Team Now!Find Team / Team Members

Required Elements

    Announced at Kickoff

Kickoff Event

Fri, 18 Oct 2019 @ 17:30 - 19:00
Madison Avenue Pub
14 Madison Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2S1, Canada

The Kick-Off Event will be held at the Madison Ave. Pub, in room B2. (Look for the'll find us).

Each participating team must have a representative at the official Kickoff Event of the 48 Hour Film Project. No more than two people per team are allowed in the kick-off room, due to space restrictions. Additional team members have the option of waiting elsewhere within the Madison...the place is huge and they'll have food and drink deals available during our kick-off. 

  • At the event, each group must submit a complete Team Leader's Agreement, signed by its team leader. A team may not participate without submitting this agreement. 
  • Each group will choose the genre of its film in a random drawing.
  • Sign-in will begin at 5:30 (Note: it will be really busy, so try to show-up on time).
  • The Kick-off event will run from 6:00 to 7:00 (Do not leave the room before'll need to receive the list of required elements, which you'll be told about at 6:55)
  • During the kick-off event, we will go over the: rules, submission guidelines, screenings, paperwork, required elements and drop-off details. We will also provide advise for your filmmaking weekend, answer questions and give you the filmmaking hotline contact info! 

Dropoff Event

Sun, 20 Oct 2019 @ 17:00 - 23:00
by 19:30 to be on-time
Madison Avenue Pub
14 Madison Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2S1, Canada

The drop-off location will be the Madison Ave Pub, on the second floor (beside the pool table). Look for the'll find us. 

Please submit your film on a USB Flash Drive (consider submitting 2 for safety reasons).

Please submit all of your paperwork ( ) in the envelope we give you at the kick-off). Label the envelope with your team name, film title, genre, screening group and run-time. 

And don't forget to complete the online wrap-up form. 

We'll be accepting films between 5:00PM and 11:00 PM. 

Films received before 7:30PM are on-time and eligible for all prizes. 

Films received after 7:30PM are late and only eligible for the Audience Favourite Award. 

All films received between 5:00PM and 11:00PM will be screened at the Revue Cinema, presuming they meet the eligibility requirements. 

Based upon previous years, 20 percent of the films will be late (usually due to technical difficulties), so give yourself extra rendering, export  and travel time...and don't be too upset if you're one of the late submitters (it happens to the best of us). 

The 48 Hour Film Project is a marathon - we encourage people to come to the drop-off, to cheer for runners and to celebrate everyone's race! Regardless of a team being on-time or late, they completed the race and they deserve to be cheered for!

Premiere Screenings

Group A: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 @ 18:30
Group B: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 @ 18:30
Group C: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 @ 21:00
Group D: Thu, 14 Nov 2019 @ 18:30
Group E: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 @ 16:00
Group F: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 @ 18:30
Group G: Sun, 17 Nov 2019 @ 16:00
Group H: Sun, 17 Nov 2019 @ 18:30
Revue Cinema
400 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2M9, Canada

Best Of Screening

Tickets: 15.00 CAD
Sun, 1 Dec 2019 @ 14:00 - 17:00
Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
506 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1Y3



A screening of 15 short films that will entertain and inspire even the pickiest film-buff. These films are testament to what a creative and competitive group of people can accomplish when they’re under the gun and fuelled by a collective passion for filmmaking. A 20 minute awards ceremony, similar to the Oscars but much-much shorter in length, will follow the 110 minute screening.

***A yearly audience favourite that is definitely open to the general public! Note: Films are not rated and may not be suitable for children.***

Tickets: $15 (Online or at the Hot Docs Box-Office, starting November 1st, 2019)

Location: The Hot Docs Cinema is located at 506 Bloor Street West (Bathurst & Bloor, a 3 minute walk from the Bathurst Street Subway Station)

Doors open at 2 P.M. and the screening starts at 2:30 (sharp)

The Awards Ceremony will take place from 4:20 P.M. to 4:40 P.M.

An After Party, for all of the 48 Hour Film Project teams, will take place at Pauper Pub (across the street from the cinema) immediately after the Best of Screening & Awards Ceremony!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone!


Steve & Christopher

Steve Nash & Christopher Cherry
Toronto Producers, 48 Hour Film Project

RSVP via facebook

Screening Groups

Group A Tuesday, 12 November 2019 @ 18:30

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 1550 Productions Emily Kindred
  • All the Presidents Barbara-Audrey Bergeron
  • Chaotic Presents Jamie Johnson
  • Do These Glasses Make My... Brandon Sim
  • ExWex Films Sean Nasmith
  • Hurry and Shoot Rebecca Thompson
  • Invincible Emu Productions Mandi Maxwell
  • Little Cat Pictures for LIFE Conor Forrest
  • Mouthy Kid James Becke
  • Rainue Films SM M Rahman
  • Skirt the Issue Gabriella Kosmidis
  • The Fisheye Studio Gabriela Salon
  • The Quicktime Exporters Mark Pettit
  • The Yellowknifers Sarah Claire Campbell

Group B Wednesday, 13 November 2019 @ 18:30

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 0% John Kivell
  • Creative Meat Kevin Weber
  • Crying Elephant Productions Alex Karakatsanis
  • Elora Borealis Jared Schincariol
  • Eyemagine Melanie Pyne
  • Film Bungalow Marc Richler
  • Ice Cream Road Trip Pratik D
  • Lucky You Daniel Moscato
  • Rouge Valley Films Tom Distefano
  • Sets, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll Jacob Insley
  • Slowly Fading into the Background Wearing a Beige Top Hat Erik Smith
  • Soon You Shall Know Our Final Form Maikol Pinto
  • Sweetie Eileen Li
  • Tehranto Girlz helia imany
  • Under the Bus Production Mihaly Szabados

Group C Wednesday, 13 November 2019 @ 21:00

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 317 Productions Zak Zaidi
  • Bombay Duck Films Siddharth Sharma
  • BrainPuddle Ian Mah
  • Film is a Four-Letter Word Ryan Couldrey
  • Furious George and the Funky Bunch Graham M. Sheppard
  • Hit Sandwich Liz Whitmere
  • Hudahudahudah Syed Huda
  • Miss.Chief Managed Hallea Jones
  • Razz Rachelle Mazzilli
  • Reel Cool Aaron Herzog
  • The Frenchies Sophie Dumesny
  • the restless Laura Bourbonnais
  • The Village People Katie Anderson
  • Unforgettable Pictures Jennie Foster

Group D Thursday, 14 November 2019 @ 18:30

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Berta Boys Kelsey Flower
  • Bizarre Productions Nicholas Marinelli
  • Cackle Comedy/Evelyn Eleven Productions Hilary Hart
  • Cookie Biscuits Charlie Whalley
  • Cosmic Phoenix Demetri Tsioros
  • Guruvians Amanda Lomonaco
  • Literally Whatever Jaden Curtis
  • RABfilms Austin Ball
  • Scooby Gang Rabiya Mansoor
  • State Bird Films Jason Thomas
  • The Boys Club Kimberley Wells
  • Twisted Wizards Chris Thompson
  • Wandering Bath Productions Kerri Strothard
  • Ísbíltúr Pratik Disappeared

Group E Saturday, 16 November 2019 @ 16:00

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 416Film rob paul
  • anti-team Raeez Lorgat
  • Dead Plumbers john mcdonald
  • Demon Kweenz Katie Uchimaru
  • Fresh off the Boat Darren Hinchy
  • Humble Honey Divya Chand
  • JCJ Productions Carolyn Hurren
  • KPMB Films Manny Brar
  • Passionoverdose Films & Photo Armando Ortegon
  • Sharp Edge Cinematixs josh gofton
  • Sophie and Dahlia Sophie Zawadzki
  • The Winnebagos Mawrgan Shaw
  • Thyme Lord Productions Mark Tureski
  • Turbo Riders Chad Jeffery
  • Up the Wooden Hill Michael Ricci

Group F Saturday, 16 November 2019 @ 18:30

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 2 Hours North James Dalzell
  • BlackPearl Ronak Singh
  • Charizardians of the Galarxy Adam Chan
  • Devani Dianna Films Devani Dianna
  • Dimetrodon Rob Dell
  • KO Productions Odelia Oswago
  • Kosher Linguine Antonio DeCoppi
  • Long Exposure Julian Monardo
  • SAGE Austin Garcia
  • Senecast Stephanie Manwell
  • The Lakeview Chris Gil
  • Two Fifty Three and Change Logan Sutherland
  • What’s up Chuck and Ralph? Michael Vallely
  • Working Title Sabrina Soto

Group G Sunday, 17 November 2019 @ 16:00

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • (notice me) KID VICIOUS Eric Bizzarri
  • Betelgeuse Matthew Franchi
  • creativemindworkz Bharat Immallaraju
  • Ebb & Flow Pictures Bella Caballero
  • HatlangMedia Mung Hatlang
  • High Sea Films Adam Gaudreault
  • Legend Michael Ellero
  • Meat Puppets Alexander Galant
  • Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers Michael Peeling
  • Minus Comm Films Peter Lai
  • Phil Ming Mike Wong
  • Rezara Zahra Faraji
  • Roble’s Team Roble Issa
  • T.O.Dynamics Rajdeep Roy
  • The Filmaticians Waleed Abozaid

Group H Sunday, 17 November 2019 @ 18:30

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Awake Christina Collin
  • Book Club Films Adrien Yiptong
  • East Enders Clint Adam Smyth
  • Film Crew Network Christopher Inkoom
  • H5 Productions Tristan Oliver
  • Kung Fu Trash Pandas Michael Arnott
  • Lutzie Schmohawk Zach Wortzman
  • Proficio Films Jack Hunter
  • Seven Films Jarrett Johnson
  • Team Dream Courtney O'Connor
  • The Art Kids Natasha Belisle
  • Unknown Artist Kris Haynes
  • Wicked Glam Diana Galligan

Screening Group To Be Determined

Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • jcbfjaa Jim Carey
  • Last minute to win it Ricky Christie
  • Negin Negin Kamali
  • RV Supreme Riley Campbell
  • Toronto Film Studio Sinereh Mehramooz
  • UGO Productions Mansoor Elahi
  • Window Shot Sean Irani

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