Portland, Oregon July 27 - 29, 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Dandelion for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film Joan Dark:Folk Singer will go on to represent Portland against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Eight Sides of Red by Todd Harold Productions

3rd Place: Best Film of 2018

Aqua Vitae Morte by Monsieur Soeur

Required Elements

  • Character: Jim or Joan Dark, Folk Hero
  • Prop: A guitar pick
  • Line: "Is it supposed to look like this?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

Audience Favorite: Group B

There Will Be Dust by Breakthrough Films

Audience Favorite: Group C

Aqua Vitae Morte by Monsieur Soeur

Audience Favorite: Group D

Rufus by Proxy Productions

Best Writing

Best Editing

Succubus by Mumukuba

There Will Be Dust by Breakthrough Films

Best Directing

Best Cinematography

Best Sound Design

Eight Sides of Red by Todd Harold Productions

Best Music

Aqua Vitae Morte by Monsieur Soeur

Best Song

The First Pitch by Pending

Best Actor

Rufus by Proxy Productions

Best Actress

Best Ensemble Acting

Eight Sides of Red by Todd Harold Productions

Best Graphics

The First Pitch by Pending

Best Special Effects

The Dynamic Duo by RETO Media

Best Choreography

Eight Sides of Red by Todd Harold Productions

Best Costumes

The First Pitch by Pending

Best Set Design

Aqua Vitae Morte by Monsieur Soeur

Best Use of Character

Eight Sides of Red by Todd Harold Productions

Best Use of Prop


Aqua Vitae Morte by Monsieur Soeur

2018 Film List

  • #Joan Dark by Karaoke Inferno
  • Aqua Vitae Morte by Monsieur Soeur

    After a failed attempt at saving humanity with the "Brighten project" the world is dying and water is scarce. The man behind the project secretly keeps alive a strange sea creature, with his own water rations, nursing it to adulthood.

  • Astrojacked 2: The City That Never Loves by Fetus in Fetu Productions

    In the course of clearing his name, a disgraced dirty cop searches for a stolen alien artifact.

  • Barely Schwartzenberg by Many Sparrows

    An injured British detective awakens to a grizzly discovery

  • Bark Burn by Good Dog

    Five urbanites set out on a wilderness adventure and on their trek they find more than they expected, in some ways and not as much as others.

  • Blood moon by Raven Brought Her Dog?

    A woman down on her luck seeks revenge from a man who has made a fortune off of a song she wrote

  • Blood Sky by Three Warriors

    After a biological attack struck the Main Native American City of Springs, three warriors attempt to contain the outbreak.

  • Blood. More Blood. by MaRoZel

    "Let's get bloody."

  • Boat Soda Blues by Terror Dogs

    Three friends on vacation unwittingly fall under the wrath of a devious boat captain intent on mayhem.

  • Burn It All Down by All Skate
  • CHAMPION by Artful Raven Studio

    You can always find heros in unexpected places.

  • Dark Sort of Love by Rollstars

    Approached by a former bandmate and lover, a washed up folk hero is inspired to play one more show.

  • Dysphoria by RPM Lightning

    Always being compared to her heroic grandmother, a young woman that is her namesake discovers how to be a different kind of hero for her own generation.

  • Eight Sides of Red by Todd Harold Productions

    A woman becomes a folk hero through her attempts to get a stop sign installed at an intersection.

  • Feast of Bodies by Insomniac Cinema Posse

    Four strangers wake up in an unknown location under dire circumstances, twisted siblings determine their fate in a game of horrors.

  • FOCUS by Loud People

    Rookie Agent Cora is left solo on a mysterious mission to obtain enemy information at an abandoned wrecking yard. She has to uncover the truth of why she's there as she sneaks and fights her way to completing her mission.

  • Going Dark by Man vs Film Productions

    Edie is put in a gaming halfway house but she can't walk away from virtual reality.

  • Happy Dark Day by Fair Game Film

    Holiday about the folk hero Jim Dark and the 2 myths surrounding him.

  • Hearts of d'Arqness by Toll Free Productions

    We give Joan d'Arc a bad rap.

  • Human Goes to Party by ELECTROCOSM

    A tourist from an unknown location learns the rules of travel.

  • Joan by Drone Rangers

    In a world of “No” Joan gets what she wants.

  • Joan Dark, Monster Hunter by CoffeeTimeWithTheBois
  • Joan Dark:Folk Singer by Dandelion

    After pulling a dangerous stunt during her last performance, an unknown folk singer wakes up in the hospital to her only fan.

  • Junk In The Trunk by Team wolf

    After her dad is killed, a young girl seeks revenge on the road.

  • Lea by Lambda Lion

    A young woman is transformed after her descent into madness.

  • Lost 'N Found by Storytiller

    An upwardly mobile city gal moves into a new place and starts a new job, but finds some unusual challenges along the way. She learns a few life lessons the hard way and learns who her real friends are and aren't.

  • Lunatic by One More Take

    A street performer comes to accept who she is through a series of interactions spurred by a mysterious photograph.

  • Mesmerized by Laughterhouse-Five
  • Mime Control by Peekables

    With the "help" of a mime relationship counselor and experimental therapy, a couple's communication is put to the test.

  • Music is a Dead Scene by Anchor Down Cinema

    Small time thieves run into trouble larger than life.

  • Never Give Up by Lombardo Tropho

    The legend of Jim Dark inspires a struggling musical artist.

  • Pick of Time by Dragon Horde
  • Rufus by Proxy Productions

    A man uses his digital assistant to blackmail himself into achieving his goals.

  • Sounds of Silence by euGene Splicers

    A man seeks an audience for his music in a destroyed world.

  • Stuck In Time by Spektral Ink Films

    A Film about the lingering effects on one’s life and loved ones.

  • Succubus by Nagrom

    A blogger seeks an interview with the last succubus on earth.

  • Succubus by Mumukuba
  • Supermean Team by More Frogs You Gnome
  • The Biggest Saddle by Take 2

    Two young loves are disrupted by family folk hero

  • The Comeback by 13:2 Movievision
  • The Dinner Party by Stormin' Norman

    Date night will never be the same.

  • The Dynamic Duo by RETO Media

    A brother and a sister find common ground after reading a heroic story,

  • The First Pitch by Pending

    A small town man must reckon with his lack of baseball skills when his heroism lands him the first pitch at a local team's game.

  • The Incident at Calhorn Ranch by Sky Tiger Creative

    It's not all easy living at this wild west ranch: the homestead operator is a real hard-ass.

  • The Joan Dark Gallery by Gxxk! Films

    A discussion about art, involving a sentimental older man and a jaded young woman, evolves into a heated debate about politics, human nature, and hero worship.

  • The Last Pick by Nobody Important Ltd.
  • The Legend of Jim Dark by Scolecifilmist

    A Fan of a Rock legend of the past travels back in time to meet his idol

  • There Will Be Dust by Breakthrough Films
  • Walk In by Pocket of Rocks Productions

    A man ready to give up on life is given a second chance.

  • Zealot by Dream Reality Films
  • Zebra Painted Donkeys by Hold For Sound

    "Is it supposed to look like this?"

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