48 Hour Film Project - Washington

Christina  Ruppert
Christina Ruppert
City Producer
James  Lewis
James Lewis
City Producer
Stephanie  Cristancho
Stephanie Cristancho
City Producer

Announcing the Winners!

Riley Tompkins, Teacher
I'm taking it one day at a time.
a pencil
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'Wide'screen Productions

"Sweep the Leg, Johnny!"

2 Late


3/4 Films

4&9 Productions

57 Pictures

Account 24

Actors with Strings

After the Dog

Arrow Group

Balut Productions

banned by starbucks

Basement Productions

Beam Images

Bigger Boat Productions

BiteBiteBite Productions

Boot Heel Productions

Borinken Productions

Brother Griffith

Cavegirl Productions

Cinema Murcielago

Citra Productions

Connectivity Group

Courtesy Flush Films

Covert 16

CQ & The Silk Connection

Critical Noise Lab

Crowded Elevator Pictures

Curiosity Entertainment

Cyclopean Pictures

DC Dogs

Digital HD Films

Dino Power Productions

Drunks and Children

Dupont Circle Pictures

Empty Bench Productions

Fashionably Late Films

Faustus Films

Fly By Nights Films

Frozen Penguin Productions

Go Team Productions


Greenview Terrace

Guy Loki Productions

Hot Sets

Iron Clayman

john's dumb

Jungle Rules Films

Just Mezin

K3WL Productions/Eustress Entertainment

Karma vs Mojo

Lee Mellow and His Ambient Rock Gods

Liftoph Productions

Limitless Films

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Moustache Motion Pictures

Mr. MacGuffin Motion Pictures

Musky Adventures

Not Under The Sun Productions

Obscure Reference

Papa D and Dixie

Performance Initiative

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Red Lift

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Sciatica Veer

ScootCat Productions

Shakespeare's Mistress

Silver Panthers

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Sistine Robot

Slumber Party Comedy

South County United

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Team Emperor Penguins

Team Spam

That Right There Productions

The Betamacks

The Big Honkin'

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The Mystery Workshop

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The Quest

The Slaughter Beach Socialites Club



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Truth or Darryl Presents

Two Proof Films

Unknown Penguin

Untouchable Films

Ursus Lotor


Writers of the Storm

Zipper Productions