48 Hour Film Project - Paris

Olivier  Dussausse
Olivier Dussausse
City Producer
Priscilla  Saracco
Priscilla Saracco
City Producer Assistant
Gilles  Guerraz
Gilles Guerraz
City Co-Producer

Winners will be announced soon.

Our judges are currently reviewing the films made over the weekend of 20-22 Oct 2023. They are deliberating on a range of awards, including Best Film, which will go on to represent 48 Hour Film Project - Paris at Filmapalooza 2024 and compete for Best 48HFP Film of 2023.

Jonas or Jeanne Bercier - An elected person
Jonas / Jeanne Bercier - élu
“I don't eat that bread”
“Je ne mange pas de ce pain là.”
A Photo Frame
Un Cadre Photo

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